What is Energy

Day 14 – Energy Research – Part 1 - What is energy? 
Energy is a term used very often these days - we hear of the word "energy" is many contexts, both physical and non physical - in this, and the following blogs, I will attempt to see the similarities, differences and connections between the different types and aspects of energy.
We will begin with physical energy - it is important to realize that scientists have no actual understanding of what energy is (Richard Feynman) - there are mathematical expressions that have been found, and defined as energy, though energy itself has never been directly observed, it can only be "seen" through the relationships and dependencies between other observable quantities. Read more

Day 15 - Conservation of Energy - Part 2
In other words, science has defined energy as a specific mathematical quantity that has specific dimensions / units, not knowing what energy is, not ever seeing it directly, but knowing that this quantity is constant - it doesn't change, no matter what happens. The law of conservation of energy states that energy may neither be created nor destroyed., therefore the sum of all the energies in the system is a constant.

Though considered a mystery, energy has been defined as the ability to do work, and thus, has the same units / dimensions as work - mechanical work is directly related to force, as it is defined as force that results in movement / displacements / change of the body it is working on, when force is omitted upon a body and results in movement / displacement / change of the body, the force is said to have done work. Thus, the units for work are the units for force (F) multiplied by the units of displacement (x) - as we know the units for force can be derived from the known equation F=ma, as Newton's second law of motion, and thus units of force will be the units of mass (kg) times the units of acceleration (m/s^2), thus the units for force are called Newtons. Read more

Potential and kinetic energy are considered to complete each other, the sum of all together is the totality of energy, they represent each other's opposites, they contradict each other - potential energy stands for the ability to do work, the potential, the possibility, whereas kinetic energy referrers to the actuality of doing the work, the movement, the action - and thus, they exist as dichotomy polarities, where, as defined by Aristotle as the philosophical concept of Potentiality and Actuality, like a yen and yang in a way, together both energies complete a whole, yet they are non-overlapping parts of the whole - from a conservation of energy perspective we will see that there is a transformational flow of energy from potential to the kinetic energy, and in some cases back again, depending on the construct of the system. Read More

The natural law of balance is an existential law, this means that anything in existence obeys the law of balance, there is an equilibrium that is maintained when taking all parts of existence into consideration - what seems to be out of balance in a local scale, in an existential perspective, balances out as everything within existence is interconnected, and thus influences and is influenced by everything in existence. This is nicely explain by what is known as "the butterfly effect" where it is said that a flap of a butterflies wings in one side of the world will create a ripple effect that can cause severe weather conditions on the other side of the world - all in existence is interconnected, nothing can happen without having some form of outflow that will coincide with the law of balance when looking at the greater scale of things. Read More

Here Bashar is implying that we have the power to control the frequency that we exist as - this is a very powerful implication, this means that we do not have to be subjective to any energy, this means that we can stop participating with frequency all together and not be dependent to the positive energies, nor fear the negative ones - once we stop our own frequency, as stopping our participation with the mind's energy, any energy / frequency around us will not influence us, because it will not resonate with us, because energy can only resonate with energy, and if we have the ability as Bashar implies to stop our frequency, then we will no longer be enslaved to it, and can take self responsibility and apply ourselves with the practicality and common sense solution as what is best for all life, living not within self interest but within the principle of equality and oneness.Read More


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