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Day 17 – What is Energy – Part 4 - Positive / Negative Energy and Resonance - Part 1

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In my last blog I gave some background about potential and kinetic energy, in order to face this next point - the following quote represents a way of life many people believe in and live by.

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics" - Bashar

This point of view is accepted by many, and they have convinced themselves that physics, as the law of nature, is aligned with their belief, using physics legitimize and justify their actions and beliefs, but I'm about to show that this isn't the case - I will show how the law of physics "disapproves" with their approach to life, and even though these believers think themselves to be a force of positivity in the world / reality, physics, if looked at it critically, shows quite the contrary, that their methods, if anything, are harmful and destructive.

I will follow a set of assumptions, based on common sense - if you agree with the assumptions I make, and follow the same line of common sense, you will get to the same conclusion as I have stated above:

1 - Existence is the ultimate "closed system" - It includes everything within it and nothing is excluded, thus, there can be nothing beyond that which exists in existence, thus, the law of conservation of energy must apply in regards to the totality of energy within existence.

2 - The natural law of balance is an existential law, this means that anything in existence obeys the law of balance, there is an equilibrium that is maintained when taking all parts of existence into consideration - what seems to be out of balance in a local scale, in an existential perspective, balances out as everything within existence is interconnected, and thus influences and is influenced by everything in existence. This is nicely explain by what is known as "the butterfly effect" where it is said that a flap of a butterflies wings in one side of the world will create a ripple effect that can cause severe weather conditions on the other side of the world - all in existence is interconnected, nothing can happen without having some form of outflow that will coincide with the law of balance when looking at the greater scale of things.

3 - Everything in existence can be defined in terms of its energy - any physical system / interaction / situation / particle / movement / change - all can be "translated" to energetic terms - having said that we must consider that we, as humanity, as our awareness, are part of existence, we are not excluded from everything that exists, as we too exist within existence, thus, our experience and perception of reality can be translated in terms of energy - where, energy is not only defined by the type of energy, as the form it takes, or the substance it "communicates" with, it is defined by it's frequency, and thus, anything that is expressed in terms of energy can be individualized from the perspective of it's frequency, as the frequency expression of a system / interaction / situation / particle can be seen as its' identity - a clear example is colors - within the spectrum of electromagnetic energy frequencies, there is a small range of "light" that is visible to the human eye, the eye detects the differences of frequency and interprets it as the different colors of the rainbow, the eyes are limited and thus, what we see is but a rough division of frequencies, though it is clear that each frequency stands as an individualized entity - taking this back to Bashar's quote, "Match the frequency of the reality you want" - this implies that reality, and our perception of reality, our view of it, can be defined in terms of energy frequency, and that every experience holds within it a unique frequency, where, different experiences can be grouped and categories, just as with physical energies.

4 - Emotions or feelings are energetic experiences - emotions are defined as bad / negative energetic experience, feelings are defined as good / positive energetic experiences - why do I say it is energy? - we can experience it within ourselves as a movement, as a vibration, as heat, as pain, we experience it within having excessive thoughts and back chats, we experience it as something going on within us, and we are moved by it, we act on it - thus, it is a force experienced within ourselves that creates movement, and thus is considered to be working on us, and thus, just as we the physical energy we have discussed in previous blogs, "mind energy" functions in the same way and obeys the same rules - it really is just as in the simplistically of physical, when a force creates movement or a change we know work is being done, when there is "something going on", any movement or any change we know there is energy at play - thus, when there is "something going on" within ourselves, as we experience it for ourselves, there must be energies at play - we call this inner movement "mind energy" - the energy of the mind, the energy that generates and is generated by emotions, feelings and thoughts as back chat, images, beliefs, fears, memories. Where as all physical energies can be defined in terms of potential and kinetic energies - mind energy can be roughly divided to a dichotomy of positive and negative energies, where in most cases, the experience is actually comprised by layers and layers of sub experiences and thus, both positive and negative energy can be found. And, just as physical energy, which is derived from the physical as using substance to extract energy from it, depleting it from its' life essence as it transforms into another form / part / interaction within the physical, a similar construct happens with mind energy, as the mind resources energy from the human physical body, using the physical to generate energy as the physical body is slowly depleted.

Now, Within conservation of energy, in a closed system, we can assume that the amount of energy in existence is constant, this including of course all substance and basically every thing in existence - the total of everything in existence is constant - we use "conservation of energy" because, as I've stated in my previous blog, science has given energy the highest regard and has "translated" all of reality into energy equations - this of course is aligned with the human mental state, as the mind, as the human experiences reality through the interpretation of the mind, and thus sees everything in terms of energy, as in alignment to ones experience of the world - this goes back to the discussion of the paradigm, where we must always keep in mind the limitation of science being a representation of the human consciousness, and thus, can only see as far as humanity is willing to see.

Within the assumption that all that exists is constant at a large scale of things, from the perspective of the sum of all the types of energy that exist in each moment, and within realizing that all energies include the active energies as kinetic energy, as well as the potential energies as mass energy, as the energy "stored" within each particle of physical substance - we must accept the fact that any change / transformation within any type of energy will create a simultaneous change in another form energy, as to maintain the constant balance of the sum of all energies at play. This will thus be true when discussing mind energy as well, where as any altering / changing / resonating positive energy will create a change / disturbance in negative energy - and within the law of balance, the more positive energy we put in the system, the more negative energy the system will create to balance itself out.

Here it is starting to be clear that our goal would then be to stop existing in the polarity of positive and negative, as we clearly see that within the energetic polarity we cannot help but desire all that we perceive to be "good" and "divine", within believing our energetic experience of it being good, but we have never considered the direct consequence we must endure as all that is experienced as "bad" and "evil" - the solution to this predicament exist outside of the realm of energy - the solution cannot be found in energetic terms because energy within its' nature is a polarity - and thus, to reach equilibrium, where the swing rests at the center point and has no potential and no kinetic energy, we must be willing to give up the experience of swinging on the swing all together - this may sound drastic, but in order to live our lives in true peace and harmony, in equilibrium, in balance, and not in a constant roller coaster between high and low, good and bad, not to endure pain, abuse and suffering for momentary happiness, we must be willing to give up the experience of the swing, we must realize that in order to live we must get off the excitement of the swing and participate in life, as expressing ourselves, communicating with others, building intimate relationships and so on - all cannot occur when we are preoccupied with the energetic experience of being on a swing, we must allow ourselves to come off the swing, stop the energetic addiction, and start living here. One with the physical instead of consuming the physical for our pure self interest experience of momentary joy, to be followed by suffering inflicted on us or others.

We must realize and be aware of a few things here - Kinetic energy can only be positive due to it's mathematical expression having the velocity squared, and thus always positive, but, on the other hand, potential energy can be either positive or negative, it all depends on specific system's definitions, usually made out to be as convenient as possible for calculations, whereas this liberty of reference frames does not effect the physics of the situation - now, since we are working with a total energy that remains constant, we can define that constant as either a zero or a non zero number and it wouldn't effect the integrity of our investigation. So, just to be clear, in the case of the total energy being defined as zero, we must realize that the more kinetic energy we accumulate as a positive energy, the more negative potential energy we will have, this is direct consequence of the law of conservation of energy. In the other case, where we have defined the total energy as a non zero constant, we can define it in such a way that when the kinetic energy is at it's maximum, the potential energy will be zero, and then what we will have is altering fluctuations, as the kinetic energy increases the potential decreases - in other words, as the swing comes speeding down it's velocity increases, and thus it's kinetic energy grows, until it passes the center point where the velocity is maximal, at that point the swing is at it's lowest where the potential energy is defined as zero, then as the swing heads back up the velocity decreases until it comes to a stop and turns back down, where as the swing goes up, its' potential energy increases with it.

The energy of the swing will run out unless we have a constant force that puts more and more energy into the swing’s system, other wise it will gradually decrees in height and velocity, due to energy leaving the system in form of heat energy. in such a case there is a specific frequency in which the force must be aligned with in order to resonate with the natural frequency of the swing (this mostly depends on the length of the swing), if the force is emitted at the precise moment, the swing will accumulate energy, this is due to a phenomenon called "resonance" - where the force's frequency is in resonance, in alignment, with the frequency of the swing. What happens is, (and I'm sure you've all experienced this as kids on a swing, or pushing a kid on a swing), when the swing is pushed at the right moment, the push contributes to the velocity of the swing, thus giving it more kinetic energy, which must transform to more potential energy, and so, with every push the swing accumulates more energy, whereas, only due to physical limitations of the swing as friction and construct, will it not go higher and higher into infinity.

Why do I mention this point? First of all to explain the point of resonance, this doesn't happen only with swings, this accrues with everything that has a frequency - when two frequencies are aligned they resonate, and as they resonate the amplify, where the two frequencies must obviously be in the same form of substance for them to "communicate" with each other - what I mean by this is that you will not be able to swing your kid any higher by "pushing" the swing with electromagnetic frequency, you must make physical contact and push the swing using some form of mechanical force, same with any other form of wave / energy / frequency - a sound wave will not "communicate" with an electromagnetic waves, because they travel in different fields, they are different forms of substance.

Anyway, any two frequencies, of the same substance, could resonant with one another, whereas within the phenomena of resonance there is an amplification of the frequency - if both are "free" as in not restricted to their specific frequency by construct, you may see situations that both "meet in the middle" and unite at a third frequency, but if only one is restricted and the other is free to adjust it's frequency, as in the case of the swing, then one can align itself with the restricted frequency in order to resonate with it and amplify it - such with the person pushing the swing doing so deliberately, in awareness, at a specific frequency to enhance the energy of the swinging mass - in this case the free frequency is deliberately aligning itself with the restricted frequency, another case would be that the deliberate force is within a specific frequency, and using its' strength and stability to "bring" other frequencies to a desired frequency.

to be continued…..

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