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Day 18 – What is Energy – Part 5 - Positive / Negative Energy and Resonance - Part 2

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This is the second part of my previous blog, please read it for context if you haven’t already.

[clip_image001%255B4%255D.jpg]Now, let me brake down Bashar's statement into smaller pieces, so that we can see what exactly he is implying and supporting - "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics"

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it."

Yes, everything can bee seen as energy, but that is a direct decision, a lens we place on reality and see it in a specific way - this statement is not more true than saying "everything is physical substance and that's all there is to it" because we know that energy and physicality are interchangeable, or more accurately, within the equations, they can be defined in relation to each other - this goes both ways.


"Match the frequency"

Here Bashar is implying that we have the power to control the frequency that we exist as - this is a very powerful implication, this means that we do not have to be subjective to any energy, this means that we can stop participating with frequency all together and not be dependent to the positive energies, nor fear the negative ones - once we stop our own frequency, as stopping our participation with the mind's energy, any energy / frequency around us will not influence us, because it will not resonate with us, because energy can only resonate with energy, and if we have the ability as Bashar implies to stop our frequency, then we will no longer be enslaved to it, and can take self responsibility and apply ourselves with the practicality and common sense solution as what is best for all life, living not within self interest but within the principle of equality and oneness.

But is this really what Bashar meant to say? I doubt it, yet this can be derived from his words, from the truth of his words, not from his deceptive intention.

So what does he mean? He is implying that we can control the frequency we exist as and match it to our self interest desires, so that we can have a good energetic feeling as the drug that he is pushing, he is acting exactly as a drug pusher, convincing us and justifying why his drug, our addiction, is fine because "it'll make you feel so good"...

Thus, Bashar is in fact supporting our enslavement to energy, as when one exists within energy they are trapped within it, one cannot be in directive principle of oneself when existing within and as energy, thus one cannot be trusted, as at any time another frequency can influence oneself, and effect ones behavior and actions, or when ones positive energy is depleted one will turn to deception and manipulation in order to get that kick of positive energy, thus, creating relationships and communications based on exploitation, as we use each other to get our energy kick, rather than communicate unconditionally without any hidden agendas.

"the reality you want"

Here Bashar is bluntly asking us to go after our self interest - such a statement is irresponsible - what is the reality that we want? Our wants and desires are not aligned with one another, thus if we follow our wants and desires we are sure to create conflict as there would be conflict of interest - consumerism is based on wants and desires, war and arguments are based on defending our wants and desires, slavery is a result of our greedy nature of going after our wants and desires - how can a spiritual guru express such irresponsible words, and even worse, how can his followers not notice this, but instead they blindly follow

Why? Because wouldn't we love it if the world was actually like this, if we could just close our eyes and focus on what we want, and get it without it having any repercussions, consequences and outflows, isn't that what we wish someone could tell us in such a way so we can believe it?

Now, through following Bashar’s message, we can justify our greed, our selfishness, our self interest, and believe that looking out only for ourselves in complete disregard to the rest of existence, which we just happen to be a part of, is fine, and is justified by physics - No, physics doesn't justify any of it, if you look at reality, nothing in nature ever only looks after itself, reality realizes itself as one - look at our physical body, all cells are interconnected and are working together, taking only the nutrients they need and sharing the rest, realizing they are all equal parts of the one system of the human body - there is even an intelligence within them that when they realize they are not serving the body, they will self destruct - and do you know what we call cells that only care for themselves, and only care for their wants, desires and greed - we call them cancer cells - this is what Bashar is promoting, he is supporting humanity to remain a cancer in the body of existence, and a cancer within and towards humanity itself.

He is also supporting capitalism as the manifestation of desire and greed in the name of self interest and profit, where fulfilling ones wants and desires is the basic of the capitalistic / consumerist system.

He is promoting ignorance and disregard to how the physical actually works, where within the current system, which is a duplicate of how we exist within our minds, which is what Bashar is supporting, in which there is such an extent of inequality, a system where for me to get what I want, someone else must suffer, for me to live in bliss someone else must live in hell - this is the result of existing in the energetic polarity of the mind - so why is he promoting it? Does he simply not understand better, or is he simply making a profit out of it, and thus, has his own self interest to care for - and we are all blind because it justifies our own self interest, so we are not really blind as much as we deliberately turn a blind eye - we can now blissfully care only for ourselves, while others suffer the result of our actions, as the consequences of the law of balance, and we can do so within a good positive feeling, believing ourselves to be spiritual… what a con...

" It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics"

This is simply a marketing tool - telling people that your statement is true, that it is scientific, and repeating it in different forms, so that the reader will integrate the information, just as they use mind control in advertisement - once you see something a few times, it becomes a part of you, as well as the energetic charge you had while seeing / reading the advertisement  - so Bashar is writing a hopeful statement, giving us the illusion that we can with just adjusting our thoughts, create and manifest all our desires - this statements makes us feel good, thus we are participating, tapping into, aligning ourselves with that specific positive energy frequency of hope - we are now generators of this frequency, completely oblivious to the outflow of our participation with such energy - as we have now seen that any mind energy is based in self interest, and is within the polarity of positive / negative and thus as we create within ourselves the positive energy of hope, we are simultaneously contributing to all the abuse, suffering and hopelessness in our world.

Now, looking at Bashar's statement, and combining all the above points, it is clear that this statement is a fallacy. We must be willing to see reality for what it is, not what we wish it would be, only through seeing reality and ourselves within self honesty as what we really are, can we correct ourselves, change ourselves, mend our ways, and perhaps, with a lot of hard work and dedication, change how we exist, change how we communicate with ourselves and with each other, change what we accept and allow within ourselves and the world system - though, in order to know what needs to be changed, we must face ourselves, even though what we will see is pure evil, just like when facing the reality of the world what we will see is a tremendous amount of suffering and abuse, and the deeper we look in self honesty, the more we will see our responsibility, our participation and our creation of the world as it exists today.

Realize that the solution is not in energy, energy will always exist through friction / conflict / polarity / separation - the solution must be constructed by and from what we want the end result to look like, and not from broken pieces of what we want to change, which is the cause / source / reason of the problem - thus, the solution must stand in equality, in equilibrium, in stability - energy cannot be a part of it - we must get off the swing, let go of our attachment to energy, and find who we are beyond it, find out what it means to live, to express, to experience, to breathe without an energetic baggage pulling us down.

For those of you who are new to the desteni material, there is a vast amount of information and practical tools for application, as this information is only valid once lived as yourself - so please give yourself the gift of unconditionally investigating the material, and see for yourself who you really are.



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