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Day 11 - Fundamentals of Physics - 1.5 - Conversion of Units

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In one of the previous blogs Day 7 - Fundamentals of Physics - 1.1 - Standardized Quantities I spoke about standardizing quantities, as an agreement formed for all the scientific community to be able to, well, communicate effectively. As I've mentioned there isn't as of yet a consensuses for one set of standardized units and quantities to be used, as foolish as this may seem, so we are stuck with a few different systems of sets of units and quantities - it's like speaking in different languages, which is obviously less convenient and may cause error in translation, than having one language agreed upon by all.

Conversion of units is a simple mathematical tool used to convert units from one system to another, thus to "translate" one set of units to another - this is applied to translate between different systems, as from miles to kilometer for instance, as well as for translating units within one system, as the metric system for instance, converting from meters to centimeter.

I've added below a table illustrating some conversions of basic units, there is a table as such for each quantity in physics, showing the conversion between the different units and scales.

For a moment, let's look at the practical application of unit conversion - it's is really very simple - you just need to know the units you are asked about and make sure you convert all known units to be of the same system, for that it would be helpful to have a unit conversion table.

For intense we know that 1 mile = 1610 meters = 1.61 km, now lets say you are taking a road trip and you know how many kilometers will a full gas of tank let you drive, but the signs to the next gas station are marked in miles, and you want to know if to take this exit or to continue to the next - what you will have to do is convert the miles to km and then evaluate which exit you will take - the conversion is simply multiplying the amount of miles in the ration as described above - this is very easy to do when you know the conversion ration, and even then mistakes are possible, a common mistake if confusing between dividing or multiplying - little things that require your attention.

But what if we don't have access to the conversion table? Without a table we lose our ability to translate the units we have to the units we require. We would then be lost in translation - exactly as we are lost within our mind, as we have lost the map of ourselves, forgot the ratio between the unit systems, and thus have made it much more difficult for us to figure out how to convert the alternate reality we have created in our minds, back to the common language of the physical reality.

The one uniform international system that we can all share and agree on is the physical, where the different systems are our individual minds, where we each have a different scaling system, a different value system, different experiences - we are interacting with the same physical reality but come to different conclusion because we have been using a different set of units, as the different memories, interpretations, beliefs we each have identified with ourselves.

And we can see how this effects our communication, as we are all speaking in different mind languages, from our individualized perspective, and we have not yet found / realized the conversion table that will enable us to realign our unit to that of the physical, and thus actually communicate effectively.

Within the desteni process, what we are busy with is finding the map back to ourselves, and as each one of us realizes their map, as how they have created themselves in such a way, what turns did they take to end up with these personalities / characters / beliefs, we will be able to trace our steps backwards, we will be able to re unite at the center point of the physical reality which is the actual base we are all standing on, but have lost contact with, and have lost the return directions, so now, we must find the map within ourselves, and once we do, we can convert / change how we interpret reality, from a starting point of self interest, to one that actually considers reality. Once we are all coming from a starting point of considering the physical as the one reality we all share, we will then be able to have effective communication, as we will have one language, and the need for conversion tables will be no more.

An interesting point to consider within looking at the point of having different systems of units that require conversion, is how ineffective we, as humanity are, how we waste resources to indulge in useless systems of units instead of uniting to one system that will be agreed upon, and thus can be perfected to be the most effective and accurate.

The same goes for the mind, as we waste resources to indulge in useless systems of the mind, as memories / beliefs / ideas / interpretations, instead of uniting to one system that will be agreed upon, such as the physical reality which we all exist within / as and share equally. Where, once realized that the common system we share for communication is the physical reality, we can perfect our communication and thus relationships to be the most effective and accurate.

As I have stated before, if you take the time to research the history of these units and scales, you will find they are all so very random, far from actually being an important or valuable quantity, as they have been randomly selected and historically kept - the fact that we have multiple systems proves to us that regardless the system we chose, the physics of the matter stays the same, the physical thus is not effected by the choice of units we make - thus it really has no actual value besides the practical convenience of having a scale of unites that is known and agreed upon, but since we have many scales / units / systems because we could not all agree on just one that would be best for all, we have actually giving up on the practical convenience it would have given us, out of irrational reasons, as I find no practical reason in having more than one system that all agree on.

This phenomenon of multiple unit system demonstrate the insanity and impracticality of humanity, as even though which ever system of unites we use has no practical effect on the physical and even though we recognize the value in having one system that is agreed upon and uniform for all, we still fight to maintain our system of unites based on our identification with our history - and to do so, we justify ourselves with whatever excuse we may find while disregarding the immense problems that are created by having multiple systems of units, such as the inaccuracies or flat out mistakes it may cause while applying the conversion, or the ecological effects it has as it is simply inefficient and thus consumes more energy and resources to manufacture equipment for all different system units, and even just the wasted time it takes to calculate the conversion, as simple as it is - it is simply useless.

We as humanity create the exact same construct within our participation with our mind, we hold on for dear life to our memories, our perception, our beliefs and ideas, even though they are so very randomly created and have no physical value, just like a randomly selected system of units. And even though we see the problems that believing in our mind causes, as it is the source of all conflict and suffering that we experience, we are not willing to let it go because we have identified ourselves with it, as we believe that if we let it go we will lose ourselves, our identity.

We have all created ourselves within our world using our mind, as our own unique system of units, as we each interpret the physical reality through our minds based on our history, as our past experiences and relationships, within the energetic charge we have given to our memories, instead of realizing that we do have already a unified system in place, as the physical reality, where if we would all agree to let go of out illusionary reality within our minds we will all have the one shared language of the physical - at the moment we are all trapped in our minds and have lost our unique conversion table that we have created, each for ourselves, as the map that will allow us to change the units we have been using to interpret our reality, and bring us back to the basic and agreed upon, equal system we all share as the physical reality.

To sum up, we have many systems of units, so we must convert units to be able to solve a problem, as we need to look at the entire problem in the same units, as the same language, to do so, we use the conversion data, and apply the basic mathematics - when it comes to process we have dug ourselves a deeper ditch, as we have lost the conversion table, and must recreate it as ourselves, as we teach ourselves how we created ourselves as ourselves, in the uniqueness of ourselves, and within that learn our way back, and to reach the common language of all, as the physical reality.

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